Welcome to No Kill Paulding

There is a great movement spreading across our nation and the world. It is called "The No Kill Revolution", and they are calling on our Animal Control facilities to change their processes and save all healthy and treatable animals, increasing their save rates to 90+%.

No Kill Paulding is about bringing this revolution to Paulding County, Georgia. Yes, we know we are in the South!

But our old ways tell us that this is not possible. If we could save more animals, wouldn't we do it? We call it “euthanasia” to mean that we are ending suffering, not killing an animal who could otherwise lead a happy life. Maybe our old ideas are the problem. We are living in a time when we are called to change many of our old ideas, and this is one more area where we need reform.

The No Kill Advocacy Center was founded in 2004. It seems like this is taking a long time, but big change does take time. At the annual conference in August 2014, in Washington DC. Representatives from 44 states and 10 countries came! There are now more than 90 counties nationwide that have embraced “No Kill” and have a save rate of 90+%! In 2014, there was the No Kill is Love Tour, that went to 25 cities in America, including Atlanta! They showed the new film, http://www.nokilladvocacycenter.org/shelter-reform/no-kill-documentary/

So what are these steps that can save more lives?

Here is the No Kill Paradigm:

1. A Trap/Neuter/Return Program.

2. High Volume, low cost Spay/Neuter

3. Rescue Group Cooperation

4. Foster Care

5. Comprehensive Adoption Programs

6. Pet Retention Programs

7. Medical & Behavioral Programs

8. Public Relations/Community Development

9. Volunteers

10. Pro-Active Redemptions

11. A Compassionate Leadership

In 2012 when we started, the statistics showed that we averaged killing approximately 55% of the animals processed in Paulding, 200 animals per month. But, now, in 2019, the 1st quarter shows 98% of the pets processed saved.  What a change!  The No Kill Equation works!

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